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May 6, 2020

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A reminder that a 40kph speed limit has been placed on the Sukunka FSR between 0 and 5km. Please obey all limits and drive responsibly.

Jul 1, 2017 11:00 AM

A road monitor will be monitoring all traffic on the Sukunka and Wolverine FSR over the coming months. Drivers are reminded to ensure their compliance with regulations.

Jul 1, 2017 5:00 AM

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December 1, 2020 10:27 PM

COVID Update#2

March 25, 2020

To: All Conuma Coal Resources (CCR) Employees
Re: COVID-Update #2

Thank you to all employees, spouses and families for their diligence and dedication as we continue to all learn together about the best practices for limiting the spread of the novel coronavirus. We have asked and will ask for your help in adapting our business to the change that has occurred and will likely continue for at least several more weeks as Canadian communities look to reduce the impact of the virus.

The new practices we have implemented concerning basic hygiene and sterile precautions remain the most effective weapons in stopping the spread of COVID-19. While we are all learning the best methods to maintain wellness, we must also continue to be just as mindful of loss prevention as well. We cannot for a minute, allow COVID-19 to take our attention away from hazard recognition, and the safe workplace practices we have maintained. In a time where much of your attention is distracted to this new threat, it might be easy to lose focus on the fundamentals of safety. Let’s all take time out of today to redouble our awareness of hazards and safe practices.

Conuma currently has no presumed or confirmed cases of COVID-19 of which we are aware. By looking out for each other, identifying hazards to supervisors (e.g., common surfaces that may not have been sanitized recently, social distancing issues), we will strive to minimize the risk of infection and transmission in our Conuma


1. Active Monitoring/Implementation of Government Recommendations

Conuma continues to monitor and take guidance from: (i) BC Provincial Health Officer, (ii) the Chief Inspector of Mines, federal and provincial health authorities and our occupational physician to ensure we are all informed and updated on the COVID-19 crisis. The health and safety of our employees, families and our communities continue to be our top priority. While limiting exposure to COVID-19 requires everyone’s focus and attention, we must also continue to remain vigilant against all other potential workplace health and safety risks. This remains everybody’s responsibility.

2. New Preventative Protocols

Effective immediately, Conuma has implemented the following additional measures to fight the spread of COVID-19 and keep employees safe:
• Bus Safety - Prior to boarding a bus, all employees will be asked if they are sick or have traveled outside of Canada in the last 14 days. Bus drivers and Conuma representatives have the authority to refuse access to anyone who may have symptoms or a travel history that requires isolation. Please be respectful if you have been denied access - this is for your safety and that of your fellow employees. In such a case return home and notify your Loss Prevention Officer (LPO). The LPO will walk you through the Public Health Agency of Canada’s guideline for

✓ self-monitoring,
✓ self-isolation, or
✓ isolation, as well as other applicable resources, to help determine next steps (please see attachment).

• Personal Transportation - For employees that chose to drive to site, LPOs will ask if you are sick or have traveled outside of Canada in the last 14 days. Please note that LPOs have been authorized to refuse site access to anyone who may fit the criteria for self-monitoring or isolation because of recent travel or signs of illness. Please be respectful of the LPO’s directions. The LPO will walk you through the Public Health Agency of Canada’s guideline for self-monitoring, self-isolation, or isolation, as well as
other applicable resources, to help determine next steps.

• Return to Work After Travel - Before being dispatched to work, supervisors will again be asking employees if they are sick or have traveled outside of Canada in the last 14 days. The BC Provincial Health Officer’s directive on this preventative measure is clear, if you are sick, in close contact with someone who is showing COVID-19 symptoms, or have travelled outside of Canada in the last 14 days – do not go to work, and inform your site Human Resources.

• Access to Site by Third Parties – Conuma is limiting access to all Company sites by third parties. All contractors who are permitted onsite shall be first required to comply with all Company policies on COVID-19, including questioning about travel, illness or proximity to individuals who may be showing symptoms.

• Increased Sanitizing - Conuma’s supply chain is working diligently to source products like sanitizing wipes, masks, and cleaners. In the meantime, as of March 25th, 2020, we have sourced pressurized 1 and 2-gallon sprayers to be used at Company sites as sanitization stations using an approved mixture of bleach and water. These sprayers are to be used to sanitize surfaces – the bleach/water mix is not to be used directly on skin. We will be providing additional personal sanitizer as we source additional product. Signs will identify these additional sanitation locations for your use and your safety. If you have a concern about a particular common area, common surface or work site, please notify your LPO so that this area can be checked.


In order to slow the spread of the virus employees are asked to ensure the following:
• Avoid contact with people who are sick, especially those with a fever or who are coughing.
• Wash hands with soap and under warm running water frequently and thoroughly for at least 20 seconds. Do this before work, at work, and after work! Follow posted handwashing procedures at work. SOAP IS THE MOST EFFECTIVE WAY TO PREVENT THE SPREAD OF ANY VIRUS. We cannot emphasize it enough -- personal hygiene is critical to limiting the spread of this virus.
• Cover your nose and mouth with a tissue or your elbow if you sneeze or cough, then throw the tissue in the trash, and wash your hands.
• Avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth with unwashed hands. This is the primary way germs are spread.
• Clean and disinfect frequently touched objects and surfaces.
• Stay home when you are sick. And let someone know you are ill and that you are at home.

• Practice social distancing strategies including avoiding hand shaking, hugs and kisses as greetings,
and avoid unnecessary large gatherings.

Conuma is doing its part to follow the established directives from Government and Health authorities, and we strongly encourage employees to follow those same directives while at work and while offsite.

Health & Safety and Personal Wellness Focus
Conuma wants to remind employees to not lose sight of their own health & safety and wellness through this COVID-19 pandemic. Please continue to use all the tools at your disposal such as FLHA’s, or your Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP).

It is imperative that we all work together to do our part to keep our workplace safe and comply with our collective obligation to do everything we can to fight the spread of COVID-19. If you are sick, do not come to work. If you are not sure of whether you should come to work, contact Loss Prevention before coming to work or getting on the bus. Employees who comply, in good faith, with the COVID-19 related directives provided through CCR will not be disciplined or treated adversely. We are all in this together.

If we continue to follow the advice of the Government and Health authorities to self-isolate when required to and practice good hygiene together, we will get through this pandemic.

Thank you.

John A. Schadan
Conuma Coal Resources Limited


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