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Jul 1, 2017 11:00 AM

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Jul 1, 2017 5:00 AM

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Our Kids

Paying It Forward to offer children a better life

Paying it Forward...

Nothing makes us prouder as a company, than the fantastic generosity of our employees. Shortly after the company's inception, Conuma and it's employees took on the challenge of Paying It Forward to support two fantastic children's charities and offer countless kids a better life.

To date Conuma Coal, its employees and generous members of our local communities have raised over $425,000 in support of "Our Kids"

The Bolivia Orphanage

73 orphaned children in Bolivia have earned a very special place in our employees' hearts and minds.

Conuma House at the Bolivian Orphanage

Building Conuma House

The Bolivia Orphanage is home to many children of truly horrific backgrounds and experiences. When Mark Bartkoski and Ken McKoy, two of Conuma's Founders heard the story of Project 14 Global Missions, they couldn't wait to spread the word! As part of Conuma's “Pay it Forward” program, the generous donations of our employees, alongside that of the company have paved the way for the building of "Conuma House" (shown in the photo above), as a significant expansion of the facilities for the kids.

Taking things one step further, 44 employees sought to Pay It Forward by taking up the opportunity to travel to Bolivia to share “Conuma Support” with the 73 children currently under care at the orphanage that they had been generously donating to throughout the year. Leaving life-long memories the group helped with construction projects, life skills sharing, confidence building, and “loving the kids”. The project was a wonderful blessing to 73 underprivileged children; that we’re now proud to call “Our Kids”. In supporting “Our Kids”, Conuma ran an additional fund-raising campaign in the run up to the event to raise enough money to buy each of the children a gift bag. With an incredible response from employees and generous members of the local community donating through a form on our website, each of the 73 children were given a pair of shoes, clothing, a backpack and a soccer ball or doll.

We’d like to truly thank each and everyone one of you that have contributed to this project. With your help and support, Conuma has been able to provide that much more to those that need our help the most.

Leaving a legacy in Bolivia

Vancouver Children's Foundation

Helping vulnerable children get back on the road to success

Supporting the Kids

The Children's Foundation was started in 1957 to provide a place that Children with traumatic experiences and mental health conditions could succeed, under a policy that no child would ever be left behind. After the discovery of the charity, Conuma and its employees have been enthusiastic supporters with many of our employees donating a portion of their paycheque every month to this wonderful cause.

100% of Conuma employee donations go to the Make a Difference Fund to help support the children and their families that are struggling to make ends meet. This year, the kids were able to join a very special horse guiding program where they got to learn through working with the animals. Understanding the bond between the children and the horse, how the animals listen and respond, and how to guide them gave the kids a considerable boost in self confidence, awareness, and a fantastic experience that they wouldn't have otherwise had.

Heading into the new year, the children have asked Conuma employees if they're able to support them with helping to purchase a new sensory playground. Stay tuned - we're working on it!

2019 Support

Donations made to our charities

Donations Made to the Bolivia Orphanage

January – $15,419.25
February – $15,345.50
March – $16,624.50
April – $ 15,679.50
May – $ 5,478.50
June – $5,550.50
July – $5,685.50
August – $7,989.50
September – $5,375.50
October – $5,428.50

Total Giving YTD = $98,576.75

Donations Made to the Children's Foundation

January – $4,744.25
February – $4,798.50
March – $5,624.50
April – $5,723.50
May – $5,810.50
June – $5,628.50
July – $5,685.50
August – $5,654.50
September – $5,611.50
October – $5,532.51

Total Giving YTD = $54,813.76

Total Support

Total Giving for 2017 = $46,442

Total Giving for 2018 = $280,135

Thank you to all our contributors!
Conuma Coal Employees
Community Supporters
Conuma Corporate Donations